Friday, 21 March 2014

Looking to old work for inspiration to new work.

I took these photographs about 2 years ago, when I was 17/18.  I was inspired by one of my favourite Photographers, Paulo Roversi who would photograph his models in the dark, with only moving colour light to light up the photo.  The result was mesmerising and the models looked more like creatures than people.

I also looked to Sigmund Freuds theory of the unconsious and subconsious, and wanted to create imaged that looked they like belonged in the middle area of these two.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


I've had my roots done finally. I was told they weren't even that bad but I got a bit paranoid so it needed to be done.  As well as my roots the hairdresser (Savannah in Newcastle) (AVEDA products) washed the enlightner through the rest of my hair to eliminate the brassiness elsewhere.  This means my whole head is now white wahoo!  I then went for a lilac toner for a difference. (4 days later and it's faded)

Here are the results.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


I didn't actually buy this, I wish I did though. But unfortunately I'm a student and need to think about more important things like food and books (bore) This lovely trench is from H&M and is only £24 which is so good! It also has shoulder pads in which is quite nice.  I've seen the perfect one in ZARA at the moment though, it's £100 but I actually think it's worth it as it is completely PERFECT. I would really love it but I don't that will happen any time soon.. I'll just stare at the picture instead and pretend it's me.



Again, sorry for the selfies but after a new hair cut it had to be done.  It felt like I had loads off the length, and I did, I had about 3 inches off I think- which is actually quite drastic when your hair is fine and i felt like I had been skinned.  I really like it though, it feels much thicker.  It was also needed due to the amount of bleach in my hair. I've had quite a lot of comments regarding my hair- I don't die it myself.  I get it done in an AVEDA salon, so the products used are chemical free (or as chemical free bleach can be) After it's enlightened I then get a toner put over the top which makes it a sort of pinky tinge.  My aim was to look Scandinavian.  As they are all wonderful....

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


This jacket was quite an impulsive buy and when I first saw it I wasn't keen. But I  saw the shape of it and thought it would hang really nicely if i wore it bigger.  So i took a size 14, which is 8 sizes too big, and tried it on.  I now love it! It's the perfect oversized style jacket, I wore it with high waisted cigarette trousers for an androgynous style.  In these photo's I was on my way for drinks, so I wore it with high waisted black skinny jeans, a white silk crop top, from H&M trend, my ZARA cut out heeled boots and my Alexander Wang bucket bag.

(Jacket H&M trend)


I wore this for my presentation at university- it was to present my concept of an innovative catwalk for a designer of my choice. I chose menswear brand AGI&SAM as I would 100% wear everything in their new collection, and I am greatly inspired by menswear in general.
I went for monochrome that day (like most days) The dark jumper is by Whistles, it's a silk- cashmere blend so it's so lovely and soft.  The oversized leather waistcoat is Topshop Boutique, I bought it worn from eBay.  The trousers are Topshop Boutique, The platform sandals, River Island and the overcoat is by MONKI. The leather shopper is Topshop. (moodboard poking out)


I work for the British clothing company, Whistles.  It's such a lovely brand to work for and the clothing and accessories get better and more desirable each season, creating pieces which become highly sought after, favourites of celebrities such as Alexa Chung and Cara Delvinge, and fashion bloggers such as Suzie Lau.  I was working on a monday night here, for 2 hours.  I didn't receive one customer so the only thing to do in this situation is document your new uniform.  Here I am wearing the "Skye cotton shirt" in a size 6, and the "Nicolette trouser" also in a 6. I wore this outfit with silver metallic loafers.
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